Weavers Storyy endeavours to reach out to people showing the legacy of homegrown handloom with which the Indian textile heritage has evolved through centuries.

Objective of Weavers Storyy

A complete online portal for sale catering to the Indian market & buyers world wide. The artistry and craftsmanship of the apparels will highlight the traditional art form of India in its purity and originality.

Unique Selling Point of Weavers Storyy

The USP of the Weavers Storyy is to reach out to buyers providing them originality and authenticity of the fabric and textile from different parts of India at an affordable range. The concept and designs will be crafted by the local weavers in a specific one of its kind fabric, which guarantees quality and genuinity. Every state has its own variety of different fabric of saris which are crafted in a special way using different fabrics and embroidery techniques.

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